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I also uploaded all 41 tracks of The Last: Naruto the Movie soundtrack on the channel. check it out. Sukima Switch - Hoshi no Utsuwa (Star Vessel) Full ver lyricsEnglish lyrics.Why? I wonder whywe cry when we’re bornsome day will [our tears] flowuntil it reaches the starsWhy? I wonder whywe know how to shed tearsdespite not being taught howThis overflow of [tear]dropsshed incessantly is proof of love/affectionguides gently and softlyto go and come backFrom heart to bodyFrom body to heartcontinuous patternof many intertwined spiralsOne by oneFuture can be seen [in]the sky we’re looking atlook, look to the universeWhy? I wonder whythe moon always,without saying anything,is shining light upon the darknessWhy? I wonder ifknowing that there’s a limit,it makes [these heart]beatscompletely futilethe size of the vesselcarried in one’s chestis not what’s of value[It’s if] inside existsthe want to experience lifeNo matter how hard you lookif you try to see by yourself[you] won’t be able to see in the haze[end up] completely losing sight of themAt the end of your searching [for something lost/desired]if completely scatteredlearn by watching othersby doing this, you’ll be fine[When] talking about living/existingsurely, little by littleparted with many thingsafter parting with the last onei’ll be near, and cause/give you tearsand they will be happy [tears]from heart to bodyfrom body to heartcontinuous patternof many succeeding spiralsdoing this repeatedlyuntil the time comes i say no waythe entire scenery before my eyesnow, the universe is herethe universe is here